SEAOCC Membership and Benefits

Membership in SEAOCC provides a wide range of benefits and is ideal for anyone interested in the Structural Engineering profession and seeking an opportunity to serve the public, share knowledge or ideas, or help to shape the practice of Structural Engineering.

The majority of Structural Engineers Association members are licensed civil, structural, and geotechnical engineers regularly engaged in the practice of Structural Engineering. The Association also draws membership from related fields including construction, manufacturing, academia and research, architecture, and government.

There are many benefits to being a SEAOCC Member! Membership will help you to stay current with new developments in your profession, cutting edge technologies, and current issues of interest.  Benefits include:

SEAOCC Dimensions Newsletter

Published September through June, the SEAOCC Newsletter contains technical information, articles of interest, committee reports, job announcements, dinner meeting invitations, seminar and webinar announcements, and other news related to the profession that is timely and important to Structural Engineers.


Membership includes the following complimentary publications in addition to the Dimensions Newsletter:

  • Recommended Lateral Force Requirements and Guideline Articles (SEAOC Blue Book)

  • Statewide Membership Roster

  • Proceedings of the SEAOC Annual Convention

  • SEAOC Quarterly Updates

  • NCSEA “Structure” Magazine

Members also have the opportunity to purchase discounted publications such as:

  • SEAOC Seismic Design Manuals for the International Building Code

  • SEAOC International Existing Building Code Seismic Design Manual

  • SEAOC Testing and Inspection Manual

  • Discounted publications through the International Code Council (ICC) Affiliate Member Program

Continuing Education Seminars and Webinars

As a member of SEAOCC, you will receive discounts on registration fees for continuing education programs offered at the local level, as well as statewide. These technical seminars and webinars include topics such as the latest in code development, design practices, and materials. Through statewide participation in the NCSEA Diamond Review Program, members will also receive continuing education credit for attending these events.

Monthly Dinner Meetings

September through June there is an opportunity to network with fellow Structural Engineers and design professionals at the monthly SEAOCC dinner meetings. The meetings feature guest speakers on topics of interest to the local structural engineering community. Involvement will broaden your scope of knowledge, develop your appreciation of the profession, expand your network of colleagues in the community, and earn you continuing education credits.


The majority of SEAOCC activity is generated by the volunteer efforts of members serving on the Association's committees, and all members are therefore encouraged to participate. Participation in committee activities enhances personal education, both technical and professional, and allows members to directly impact our profession and to share their insights and experiences with the Structural Engineering community to benefit the general public. Some committees periodically produce valuable publications or are directly involved in building code development, in addition to hosting typical committee meetings. For more information about each of the SEAOCC Committees and who to contact to get involved, please refer to the Committees page of this site.

Dedication to the Profession

Show your employer that you are dedicated to the profession. Membership dues qualify as a business expense and are often partially or fully reimbursed by employers.

Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) Membership

A portion of your membership dues go to the state association SEAOC.  Among the many other benefits of SEAOC membership, your dues support the services of a professional Executive Director who monitors state legislation relating to the practice of structural engineering, assists the Association in expressing its views on legislative issues, liaises with the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA), and assists with media relations and educating the public about the important role of structural engineers in ensuring safe communities.

SEAOC Annual Convention

The SEAOC Annual Convention provides an opportunity to learn about state-of-the art technologies and current projects, attend social activities, and participate in technical sessions given by researchers and renowned structural engineers. SEAOC members are eligible for discounts on registration and room rates for this multi-day event. The SEAOC Convention Proceedings are provided complimentary to all attendees as well as to non-attending members upon request.

National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) Membership

As a member of SEAOCC and SEAOC, you are also affiliated with NCSEA and will receive notice of continuing education opportunities, awards programs, and updates regarding NCSEA’s efforts to improve the status of the structural engineering profession on the National level. Click HERE to read more about the efforts being made by NCSEA on behalf of the structural engineering profession and NCSEA members.

Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards

Each year, through SEAOCC’s Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards program, recognition is given to SEAOCC members who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and excellence in structural engineering practice and project work. The awarded projects and their recipients serve as models of excellence in the local structural engineering community and are showcased on the Project Spotlight page of this website for the twelve months following receipt of the award. Members also have the opportunity of to participate in SEAOC and NCSEA Awards Programs.

Be involved in the community by supporting your local professional association.

Download the SEAOCC Membership Application (pdf) and join the Structural Engineers Association of Central California today!