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SEAOC Seismic Design Map Software

Click the link above to see the SEAOC and OSHPD developed web interface implementing the USGS web services to retrieve the seismic design data and present it in a report format. This website does not perform any calculations to the table values. To allow the seismic design data to remain free to all, this website is open-source so feel free to copy the source code on github. Please contact us for feedback.

The website currently provides ASCE 7-16, ASCE 7-10, IBC 2015, IBC 2012, NEHRP-2015, NEHRP 2009, ASCE 41-13, and ASCE 41-17 seismic design map data.  

Upcoming Meetings

May 12

Communications Committee

Communications Committee

May 14

SE3 Committee Meeting

SE3 Committee monthly meeting

May 18

Existing Buildings Committee Meeting

Existing Buildings Committee Meeting

May 19

SEAOCC YMF Social Coffee Half-Hour

YMF Social Coffee Half-Hour

May 27

Webinar: Wind Design for the California Engineer

Wind design is often overlooked as it does not always control the design of a building or components in California.

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