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President's Message

As the days get longer and with winter weather behind us, I am sure everyone is looking forward to the spring and spending more time outdoors. Even as COVID cases and deaths spike in other parts of the world, like India where the vaccine is not readily available, we are fortunate that the government has made it a priority to get all Americans who want to get a vaccine the ability to get a vaccine.  The efficacy of the vaccine is self-evident. COVID cases in California are approximately a tenth of what it was at the start of the year, which brings hope for a “new normal”. I am cautiously optimistic that social distancing is a thing of the past and we can get back to meeting in-person in the near future. 

A survey was sent out a few weeks ago regarding our annual “Golf tournament”. The responses were positive, and all signs are it is back on track and will be able to happen in June this year.  The new CDC guidelines on wearing masks outdoors should help as well. As a reminder, we have our EISE awards celebration coming up, and I am expecting all the leading firms to participate. This is the one opportunity we get every year to acknowledge and celebrate the great work that we do. We make the architects’ dream a reality, so I encourage all the SEAOCC firms to turn in their entry packages so that we can make Central’s showing at the SEAOC convention a great success.

As I reflect on the past year with only two months left in my presidency with SEAOCC, I think given the circumstances we did well. Not having in-person monthly dinner meetings did make it challenging to engage the membership in a more personal way, but I trust that the Association is still vibrant and connected. I have reached out all the committee chairs during my term and encouraged them to have more meetings to engage our members. I am pleased to report that the effort has paid dividends. Most of the committees are actively having monthly meetings to the point that I am not able to keep up. I missed the last EBC meeting chaired by Eric Fuller where Laura Rice was slated to give a presentation on the evaluation of wood-framed buildings using ASCE 41. I also missed a great presentation organized by our Continuing Education Chair Sonia Eliseo on “Masonry Movement Joints”, presented by Sunup Mathew. I believe there were over 40 people in attendance. Looks like masonry was the flavor of the month. Unfortunately, our annual Student Night/Career Fair was cancelled this year because we were unable to get enough students participating. Next year, we plan to hold this event earlier in the year so that we can effectively match students with firms as interns and potential future hires. 

Per our chapter bylaws, it is at the April membership meeting where the future leadership of SEAOCC is announced. I was therefore not going to give up a membership meeting so I scrambled to find a speaker for our April monthly meeting that would also attract more members. A special thanks to Chris Tokas and Joe LaBrie who agreed to give a presentation on the value of code enforcement and inspections, and without it “Does your Building Design Achieve the Intended Targeted Performance Level”. Unfortunately, with the membership meeting the same day as the masonry webinar not too many people were in attendance. Being the forever optimist, I am expecting better participation at our next monthly meeting in May.

The membership meeting held on April 22nd, 2021 was preceded by our Scholarship Awards Ceremony where four deserving students were awarded a $1000 scholarship each. This year’s scholarship award winners were:

  1. Ryan Hochstatter, UC Davis
  2. Justin Estrada, UOP
  3. Hayden Moore, UNR
  4. Matthew Roloff, CSU Sacramento

Jim Carlson, our Scholarship Chair, presided over the event. SEAOCC congratulates this year’s scholarship award winners and wishes them all the best in their careers.

Our BOD selection committee chair, Ben Faircloth, did an excellent job putting the committee together, twisting arms, and getting nominations for new members to serve on the SEAOCC BOD to fill the vacated seats. You will be receiving an e-ballot in your mailbox shortly, so please make sure you fill it out and give our new leaders your full support for the coming year. I also encourage our younger members to step up and start participating in our events and assume chair positions in our committees. The future of SEAOCC depends on you!

April 22, 2021 was Earth Day! There are already initiatives afoot to restore our planet using emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. I was reading an article in the Mar/Apr 2021 edition of ASCE Civil Engineering magazine where a “Polish firm FAAB Architektura has released the design for a 53-story tower dubbed Vertical Oasis. The building will be capable of changing the climate in its immediate proximity through a combination of geometry, vertical gardens, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and renewable energy harvesting.”  The AI-driven building facade will learn and ‘improve’ itself.  What are we as structural engineers doing to improve the science of sustainable design? Can we use such technologies like “AI” and “machine learning” to optimize our designs to reduce the amount of embodied carbon and build structures that are resilient to disasters? We are now having computer models run hundreds of time histories to figure out the weak spots and vulnerabilities in tall buildings to seismic events? Can we use “AI” to optimize the design with all this data? Have a carbon equivalent component that goes with the design? The possibilities are endless! We just need the will, the passion, the energy, and the funding to find the solution. Maybe this is already happening, and I am behind the times.

In closing I want to remind everyone that SEAOC is sponsoring a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) grant program where each Member Organization (MO) can apply for a grant for up to $5000. For more details on the SEAOC-sponsored DEI grant, click here. If your committee or you would like to take a leadership role in championing any of the DEI activities in-line with the DEI grant program, please send your application to [email protected]. We need to do more to help our underserved communities and people of color. We are a divided nation, but even with our differences we need to seek common ground to build a safer and sustainable planet for next generation and future generations to come.   


Roy Lobo, Ph.D., S.E.

2020-2021 SEAOCC President

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Calendar of Events

May  11


3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Contact [email protected] for Link



Steel Castings for Enhanced Aesthetics & Performance of Structures

Virtual Meeting at 5:00 p.m.

View details and register to attend at the event page.

MAY 14

Se3 committee meeting

Virtual Meeting at noon, Contact Anna Tekautz for Link


MAY 18

existing buildings committee meeting

Virtual Meeting at 5:30 p.m. Contact Eric Fuller for Link

MAY 26

ymf coffee half-hour social


8 a.m - 8:30 a.m. Drop by at any time
Contact Matt Quan for Link 

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Platinum Sponsors


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Committee Reports

Save the Date for the Golf Tournament - June 10th 

The Golf Tournament will be at Teal Bend on June 10th. 

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Gold Sponsors


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Join SEAOC for Legislative Visit Week

Attention all SEAOC Members! You are invited to join colleagues from four other engineering and professional organizations for a week of state advocacy. And you can participate from your home or office!


SEAOC is teaming up for a week of meetings May 10-14 with state legislators and legislative offices alongside our event partners: American Council of Engineering Companies, California (ACEC), American Society of Civil Engineers, Region 9 (ASCE), California Geotechnical Engineering Association (CalGEO), and the American Publics Works Association, Region VIII (APWA).


Advocacy points will include SEAOC’s sponsored legislation on functional recovery, AB 1329 (Nazarian), and other joint topics.


Participation is free to the first 60 SEAOC members who sign up! Click here for instructions on to receive the SEAOC-sponsored free registration

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Excellence In Structural Engineering




Every year the Structural Engineers Association of Central California (SEAOCC) recognizes members and their firms for demonstrated outstanding achievements and excellence in structural engineering practice and project work. We are proud to announce our call for entries for the 2021 SEAOCC Excellence in Engineering awards.  Similar to years past, the award categories are Study/Research/Guidelines, Special-Use Structures, Infrastructure, Historic Preservation, Retrofit/Alteration, and New Construction. The SEAOCC and SEAOC awards are integrated, and the winners of SEAOCC awards will automatically be elevated to the state level.  The 2021 SEAOCC Awards will be recognized during our June dinner meeting.

If you have any questions on the Excellence in Engineering Awards, please contact the SEAOCC office at [email protected]

Completed entries need to be received by May 4th to be considered. Click here to download the entry packet.



New Construction 

Design FirmLionakis

Project: Dyer-Kelly Elementary School Replacement Campus, San Juan Unified School District 


Design Firm: Buehler

Project: SMUD Headquarters

Seismic Retrofit


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Job Forum

Submit an Ad - members 

Submit an Ad - Non-Members


Civil/Structural Engineer Needed

Meridian Structural Engineers is looking for a registered Civil or Structural Engineer with experience in commercial building design. This position encompasses structural engineering design and project management of a wide variety of structures including hospital, multi-housing, schools, commercial and other building types. We are determined to find an engineer who will be a long-term asset to our team, our clients, and our growing business; one who is also interested in ownership possibilities as the business develops.

Please visit our website at for full details and to apply.



Structural Engineer

Advanced Structural Design, Inc.

Job Posting
Mar. 18, 2021


KPFF Consulting Engineers is Hiring!

KPFF Consulting Engineers

Job Posting
Mar. 8, 2021



Job Seeker
Feb. 5, 2021


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Welcome New Members

new members posted on march 9, 2021

Sebastian Varela Fontecha - Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. - Member

Gustavo Angel Zaragoza - TRC Companies - Student

new members approved on april 13, 2021

Sebastian Varela Fontecha - Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. - Member

Gustavo Angel Zaragoza - TRC Companies - Student


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Ask SEAOCC Leadership

you are starting your own late night talk show, who do you invite as your first guest and what do you talk about?

"I would invite Vin Scully to talk about baseball." - Jeremy Kellogg

"I would love to talk to Neil Degrasse Tyson about buiding space colonies." - Laura Rice

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Board of Directors

Roy Lobo, S.E.


Vice President
Devon Lumbard, S.E.


Tim Piland, S.E.


Past President
Ben Faircloth, S.E.


Director - Central District
Allison Konwinski, S.E.


Director - Central District
Rachel Leung, S.E.


Director - Central District
Laura Rice, S.E.


Director - Central District
Louay Shamrokh, S.E.


Director - East District
Brett McElhaney, S.E.


Director - North District
Jeremy Kellogg, S.E.


Director - South District
Doug Mayer, S.E.


Nick Herskedal, S.E.


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