The success of SEAOCC in its efforts to serve the public and profession stems chiefly from the volunteer efforts of members serving on the Association’s standing and ad hoc committees. The committees provide technical exchange, public service, leadership, and code development, and represent the true strength of our Association. In addition to supporting the Association, committee participation provides members with many opportunities for personal and professional growth, and all members are therefore encouraged to actively participate. The functions and activities of each committee are briefly described below. The number of participants in each committee varies depending on need, amount of interest, and various other factors; please get involved by contacting one of the SEAOCC committee chairs.

Typically SEAOCC committees are established to mirror statewide SEAOC committees, which oversee the regional committees. These statewide committees are staffed with key members of the regional committees, and are intended to handle broader issues on a statewide basis. Examples include the SEAOC Seismology Committee, which is responsible for the publication and revision of the "Blue Book", and the SEAOC Code Committee, which works with the International Code Council (ICC) on proposed revisions to the International Building Code (IBC). SEAOC also maintains liaisons with professional and industry sponsored code-writing bodies.

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Audit/Budget/Finance Chair

Timothy Piland
Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development

Business Forum

Business Forum Chair

Matthew Melcher

Bylaws & Policies

Bylaws & Policies Chair

Darron Huntingdale


Communications Chair

Kendall Johnson

Communications Chair

James Langelier

Continued Education

Continued Education Chair

Sonia Eliseo
Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development

Disaster Emergency Services

Disaster Emergency Services Chair

Steven Hiner
Steven T. Hiner, SE

Excellence In Structural Engineering Awards
Existing Buildings

Existing Buildings Chair

Eric Fuller

Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Chair

Ryan Kersting


House Chair

David Hunn
Wallace-Kuhl & Associates


Legislative Chair

Devon Lumbard
Degenkolb Engineers


Membership Chair

Laura Rice
Degenkolb Engineers


Newsletter Chair

Rachel Leung
CYS Structural Engineers, Inc.

Professional Activities - Vacant (We need your help! Please contact the SEAOCC office!)

Program Chair

John Weninger, Jr.
Interwest Consulting Group

Public Relations

Scholarship Chair

James Carlson

SE Exam Interview

SE Exam Interview Chair

Edwin Nicholson
Edwin J. Nicholson, Structural Engineer

SE3 Committee

SE3 Committee Chair

Anna Tekautz
City of Sacramento

Seismology & Load Criteria

Seismology & Load Criteria Chair

David Palmer

Social Media

Social Media Chair

Leticia Valenzuela
Miyamoto International, Inc.

Structural Standards

Structural Standards Chair

Christos Tokas
Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development

Student Relations

Student Relations Chair

Amy Hopkins

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design Chair

Lisa Podesto

Website Committee

Website Committee Chair

Kaylee Efstathiu

Younger Member Forum

Younger Member Forum Chair

Matthew Quan