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President's Message

Where did November go? 

2019 has been busier than usual, and this time of the year is the nexus of deadlines and vacations.

The November Code Update Seminar was well attended by over 60 people. Thanks go out to the Continuing Education Committee for organizing the event.  I’m really looking forward to their January Seminar on ASCE 41 examples.  The month of November also saw a dinner meeting attended by 25 people on the topic of growing environmental influences on the building industry, as well as a Business Forum lunchtime presentation by attorney John Broghammer on legal aspects of Structural Consulting.  YMF hosted a “paint-trading” event (they traded some bruises too, I understand), see Matt Quan’s YMF Report Below.  November also saw the NCSEA Summit (a week-long event) which was attended by Norm Scheel from Central as the SEAOC delegate and Daron Huntingdale as Central’s representative alternate delegate.

SEAOCC, founded in 1947, incorporated as a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation in October of 2019.  Functionally we are the same organization with the same rules and bylaws, but now we enjoy the legal protections afforded to a Corporation similar to SEAOC and the other three Member Organizations (SEAOSC, SEAOSD, and SEAONC) which all incorporated previously.

November also saw SEAOCC advertise to fill the position of Executive Secretary.  The window for applications has closed and now the task of reviewing applicants begins.  The plan is to select an applicant and start 2020 with the Executive Secretary position filled.

As we all rush around to close out 2019, whether it's project deadlines, social activities, or shopping, don’t forget to take some time to say thank you to the people who enrich our lives.

If your thoughts turn to personal goals for the next year, I would suggest involvement with a SEAOCC committee.  We have Seminars, Student Competitions, Golf Tournaments, Social Events and more to look forward to in 2020.

Thank you.


Benjamin Ian Faircloth

2019-2020 SEAOCC President

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Calendar of Events


December Membership Social - December 10th

January Membership Joint Dinner Meeting With ACI - January 14th

Buisness Forum - January 17th (see more under "Committee Reports'" below)

Save the Date: SEAOC/SEAOCC Seminar: FEMA P-2006 ASCE 41 Design Examples - January 30th

Click here to see our calendar for the most up-to-date information!

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Committee Reports

Business forum

If anyone wants email reminders for meeting times, email  [email protected] or [email protected]

Future meetings: No Meeting in December. Next Meeting on January 17th.

Feel free to forward this to others so they can join the group.

younger member forum (YMF)

By Matt Quan, P.E., SEAOCC YMF Chair

On November 2nd the YMF got together to play some paintball at Capital Edge Paintball Park off Florin Road. This was the majority of the groups’ first-time playing paintball, so it was an interesting experience figuring out how to play and what strategies to implement during our head-to-head showdowns. We split the group into teams of 5 or 6 and played a variety of maps at the paintball park, ranging from “storm the castle”, to open straw mounds to shipping container/pipe maps. It was great to see everyone running around and having a good time pegging their fellow YMF with paint. After playing paintball for a few hours, some of the group decided to cool off with ice-cold beverages at New Glory Brewery for well-deserved celebration after an active afternoon. Stay tuned for more YMF events soon; it’s almost time for the annual YMF Ski Trip!

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Welcome New Members

new members POSTED on NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Wesley Chan, Degenkolb Engineers - Associate
Kevin Cissna, Buehler - Member SE
Elena Hartsough, Interwest Consulting Group - Member SE
Calvin Roth, Harris and Sloan - Associate
William Swanson, Swanson Structural Engineering, Inc. - Member


new members APPROVED on NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Jeret Burerger, Buehler - Member
Joel Cortez, PZSE, Inc. - Member
Tashly Hamel, PZSE, Inc. - Member
Elwyn Heinen, Advanced Design Group - Member
Nick Herskedal, Buehler - Member SE
Corey Huang, CYS Structural Engineers, Inc. - Member
Michael Joshua Larson, PZSE, Inc. - Member
Maggie Mahoney, Buehler - Member
Yordan Nikolov, Clark Pacific - Associate
Lauren Reinnoldt, Buehler - Member
Tyler Wandesforde, PZSE, Inc. - Member
Brian Wiens, Buehler - Member SE
ian Williams, PZSE, Inc. - Member SE

new members approved on october 10, 2019

Kimberly Dung, Bevier Student Engineering - Associate

Quang Phan, Paladin Design and Engineering - Member

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SEAOC Blue Book 2019 - Now Available!

The SEAOC Seismology Committee, SEAOC Board of Directors, SEAOC Foundation Board of Directors, and 2019 SEAOC Convention Committee are pleased to announce all current SEAOC members can now receive a complimentary softcover or digital copy of the SEAOC Blue Book, Seismic Design Recommendations 2019.
The publication marks a multi-year effort by the Seismology Committee to update its set of interpretations and commentary on the seismic provisions of the building code. This is SEAOC’s ninth Blue Book since its initial publication in 1959, and it remains an important companion for practical engineers at a time when code discussions are expanding beyond life-safety to include the concepts of performance-based design and resiliency.  
Dozens of firms and individuals in the SEAOC community stepped in to fund the production and printing of this edition.  We hope you enjoy it!

SEAOC members are invited to download a FREE digital copy or place an order for a FREE printed copy in the mail using the link below. 

Get the Blue Book

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2019 CBC Onsite Seminar

Vital Training for Every Structural Engineer
Significant Structural Changes in the 2019 CBC/2018 IBC®

S.K. Ghosh is offering a special pricing for SEAOCC members. Read more below!

It is vitally important that every structural engineer in California be well aware of the major changes that will take place in the structural provisions of the 2019 California Building Code (CBC), 2018 International Building Code® (IBC®) and various referenced standards affecting:

  • Design loads updates from ASCE 7-10 (including Supplement No. 1) to ASCE 7-16
  • Design wind speed maps
  • Maps for seismic ground motion parameters
  • And many more other important aspects of design

The 2019 CBC is going to be adopted in the State of California effective January 1, 2020. In order to prepare engineers for the transition to the updated building code, S. K. Ghosh Associates LLC is please to present a full-day seminar offered on a variety of dates and locations throughout California.


Take advantage of discounts!
Register now up until the week before the seminar = $300 ($25 savings)

SEAOCC Member Registration = $260 ($65 savings), use coupon code: seaoc

ICC Member Registration = $260 ($65 savings) Become an ICC Member!

Date: December 12, 2019

Speakers: S. K. Ghosh Ph.D. and Kelly Cobeen, S.E.
Location: Hilton Sacramento Arden West - 2200 Harvard Stree, Sacramento, CA 95815



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YMF Spotlight

Welcome to the YMF Spotlight! Here you will find any announcements about what the YMF is up to and how to get involved. Each month you will also be introduced to a different YMF member.  We hope you enjoy learning about them and take some time to introduce yourself to them at the next dinner meeting!

This month we are featuring Michael Capili!

Nickname: Mikey

Licenses held: EIT (Studying for PE)

College(s) graduated from and major:  

B.S. in Civil Engineering from California State University, Sacramento

M.S. in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering from California State University, Sacramento

Years in the industry:  3 Years

Company you work forBurne Engineering

Favorite engineering feat: Golden Gate Bridge

Favorite project you have done and why: I don’t have a favorite project. But, my favorite type of projects are the modern style homes. I enjoy the challenge of open spaces, cantilevering floors, and offset walls. These types of projects remind me that there is not enough time in the day anymore.

What’s your zombie apocalypse survival strategy? I’m assuming zombies can’t read, so I would do what Bill Murray did in the movie Zombie Land: disguise myself as a zombie with make-up and props. The only thing I would do differently is attach a big sign to myself that reads, “Don’t shoot me! I’m not a zombie, I’m only pretending to be one”

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be? Most likely something less stressful and less difficult, maybe a Doctor or Neurosurgeon. 

What’s your favorite line from your favorite movie?


What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Be smart and invest, be charitable and donate.

What’s your ideal weekend?

Spending time with my family anywhere outdoors.

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Ask SEAOCC Leadership

What are you grateful for?

"I'm grateful for pumpkin ice cream." - Laura Rice

"I am grateful for my three wacky and crazy kids." - Allison Konwinski

"Aside from the big things that I’m always grateful for, lately my thoughts gravitate toward small things such as getting home and having something NOT destroyed by our puppy (13 months)." - Matt Melcher

"I'm grateful for family, friends, and the great outdoors." - Matt Quan

"I am grateful to you Rachel for handling the newsletter every month, because I did it and know how difficult and thankless of a task it can be, you do it with aplomb." - James Langelier

"I am grateful for a son that has grown into a man (and soon to be a husband) that I can be so very proud of." - Eric Fuller

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Job Forum

Job Posting
Dec. 6, 2019


Senior Civil Engineer

Meridian Structural Engineers

Job Posting
Nov. 21, 2019

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Open Invite to Norm Scheel's Christmas Party

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