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President's Report

Opportunity abounds to participate in SEAOCC.  Participation, in even the most modest sense of the word, will help you grow and strengthens our Association.  For the uninitiated, attending a committee meeting may sound like a dry proposition, but my experiences have been the opposite.  The people I have been introduced to and the discussions have all fed growth.  Take a look at SEAOCC’s list of committees and contact a Chair about getting involved.  For our Younger Members, you may find people you come to see as mentors with time. (On the topic of mentorship, that is certainly one of the focuses of nascent SEAOCC SE3 committee, see below.)  If business is more to your interests, the SEAOCC Business Forum is active discussing how to manage scope creep as well as other business related topics, as well as scheduling invited speakers.

Your membership in SEAOCC also makes you a member in SEAOC and NCSEA, which provides you with even more opportunities.  Take a look below to see that the SEAOC Seismology Committee has delivered the 2019 Blue Book, and that as a SEAOCC member you are entitled to a free copy.  At the national level, SEAOCC member Norm Scheel (Fellow) will be attending the 2019 NCSEA Summit this November in Anaheim as the SEAOC delegate to NCSEA and SEAOCC member Darron Huntingdale will be attending as an alternate Delegate from SEAOCC.

The SEAOCC Continuing Education Committee’s Code Update Seminar scheduled for November 21st (see link below) should be on your radar.  I’m not aware of any other code update seminar that brings such specialized and authoritative speakers to address the California Amendments to the code.  In addition to the presentations by DSA and OSHPD will be panel discussions covering Plan Review and Testing & Inspections.  Remote broadcast is an option for those  in the Districts. Check out the link.

The October Dinner meeting was well attended by over 40 people to hear A.I.S.C. T.R. Higgins Award Winner Dr. Ron Ziemian discuss stability issues, and demonstrate real life examples of why Engineering Judgement should be guided by a strong understanding of the Fundamentals, and not forgone for complicated analysis.


Benjamin Ian Faircloth

2019-2020 SEAOCC President

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Calendar of Events


YMF Paintballing - November 2nd

Contact ymf[at]

November Membership Meeting - November 12th.

The Carbon Imperative: Ushering in a New Age of Building Design (Speakers Lisa Podesto and Nicolas Pauli)

Continuing Education Seminar - November 21st.

2019 Code Updates and Code Compliance: Information and Guidance from DSA, OSHPD, Local Jurisdictions, and Quality Assuracne and Quality Control Professionals




Click here to see our calendar for the most up-to-date information!

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Committee Reports

drone club

By Jerry Yee, S.E., SEAOCC Drone Club Chair

Remote pilots representing each member organization raced head-to-head in the first ever SEAOC Convention Drone Race. The final championship round was a close race between Central and Southern Cal. with Central taking home the trophy. You can view the highlights of the race by clicking on the screenshot below.

Please check the SEAOCC website for updates on these tentative outdoor fun-fly meeting dates with location and time forthcoming: 

October 13th & November 9th 

The current Drone Club project will be to produce a  promotional video to highlight the features and capability of drones for SAP evaluations, although the video may very well incorporate other agencies and private sectors such as Cal OES & CalFire. 

The overall goal and vision of the SEOACC Drone Club is to establish private/government cooperative teams of FAA/Safety Assessment Program certified sUAS pilots that can be called upon for disaster response, infrastructure assessments, construction inspections, search and rescue, and other applications yet to be discovered. We will pursue all this while having loads of good clean fun along the way.

Please contact drone.seaocc[at] if interested.

SE3 Committee annoucement

SEAOCC’s newest committee, SE3 – Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity, has been awarded $800 in grant funding. The funding will assist in the committee’s plans to recruit members, create our mission statement, and organize two networking events in 2020.  If you are interested in joining the SE3 committee or in contributing ideas, please email Anna Tekautz at atekautz[at]

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Welcome New Members

new members Posted on october 10, 2019

Jeret Burerger, Buehler - Member
Joel Cortez, PZSE, Inc. - Member
Tashly Hamel, PZSE, Inc. - Member
Elwyn Heinen, Advanced Design Group - Member
Nick Herskedal, Buehler - Member SE
Corey Huang, CYS Structural Engineers, Inc. - Member
Michael Joshua Larson, PZSE, Inc. - Member
Maggie Mahoney, Buehler - Member
Yordan Nikolov, Clark Pacific - Associate
Lauren Reinnoldt, Buehler - Member
Tyler Wandesforde, PZSE, Inc. - Member
Brian Wiens, Buehler - Member SE
ian Williams, PZSE, Inc. - Member SE

new members approved on october 10, 2019

Kimberly Dung, Bevier Student Engineering - Associate

Quang Phan, Paladin Design and Engineering - Member

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SEAOC Blue Book 2019 - Now Available!

The SEAOC Seismology Committee, SEAOC Board of Directors, SEAOC Foundation Board of Directors, and 2019 SEAOC Convention Committee are pleased to announce all current SEAOC members can now receive a complimentary softcover or digital copy of the SEAOC Blue Book, Seismic Design Recommendations 2019.
The publication marks a multi-year effort by the Seismology Committee to update its set of interpretations and commentary on the seismic provisions of the building code. This is SEAOC’s ninth Blue Book since its initial publication in 1959, and it remains an important companion for practical engineers at a time when code discussions are expanding beyond life-safety to include the concepts of performance-based design and resiliency.  
Dozens of firms and individuals in the SEAOC community stepped in to fund the production and printing of this edition.  We hope you enjoy it!

SEAOC members are invited to download a FREE digital copy or place an order for a FREE printed copy in the mail using the link below. 

Get the Blue Book

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Job Forum

Senior Structural Engineer

The Division of the State Architect in Sacramento is accepting applications for a full-time Senior Structural Engineer. DSA is responsible for the plan review and construction oversight for schools, K-12, Community Colleges, and state-owned essential service buildings in California.  DSA offers very competitive benefits, including a defined benefit retirement plan, and monthly salary range of $10,220 to 12,789

Eligibility to apply for this position requires completing a short online examination at the link below and selecting “Training and Experience Evaluation”:

If you have questions regarding the Sacramento Regional Office, please contact Dan Levernier ([email protected]) at 916-323-3013.

Job Posting                                         Posting Expires
Aug. 23, 2019                                     Nov. 21, 2019



Million Dollar – Structural Engineering Practice

Job Posting                                        Posting Expires
Aug. 21, 2019                                    Oct. 23, 2019


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2019 CBC Onsite Seminar

Vital Training for Every Structural Engineer
Significant Structural Changes in the 2019 CBC/2018 IBC®

S.K. Ghosh is offering a special pricing for SEAOCC members. Read more below!

It is vitally important that every structural engineer in California be well aware of the major changes that will take place in the structural provisions of the 2019 California Building Code (CBC), 2018 International Building Code® (IBC®) and various referenced standards affecting:

  • Design loads updates from ASCE 7-10 (including Supplement No. 1) to ASCE 7-16
  • Design wind speed maps
  • Maps for seismic ground motion parameters
  • And many more other important aspects of design

The 2019 CBC is going to be adopted in the State of California effective January 1, 2020. In order to prepare engineers for the transition to the updated building code, S. K. Ghosh Associates LLC is please to present a full-day seminar offered on a variety of dates and locations throughout California.


Take advantage of discounts!
Register now up until the week before the seminar = $300 ($25 savings)

SEAOCC Member Registration = $260 ($65 savings), use coupon code: seaoc

ICC Member Registration = $260 ($65 savings) Become an ICC Member!

Date: December 12, 2019

Speakers: S. K. Ghosh Ph.D. and Kelly Cobeen, S.E.
Location: Hilton Sacramento Arden West - 2200 Harvard Stree, Sacramento, CA 95815



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Upcoming Volunteer Events

Girl Scouts of centeral california

Girls will embark on STEM, Outdoor and Leadership adventures this fall. Your help is needed to give girls the best experiences possible. Volunteers are needed at the following events to help share expertise, lend a hand, and provide logistical support: 

Wild Weekend 2.0: Wild Weekend is an annual outdoor weekend designed to help girls build their outdoor skills with their troop. Girls in grades K-12 will spend the weekend at our beautiful camp property  bonding with their troop and learning outdoor skills from volunteers. Activities will include the importance of Leave No Trace, knot tying skills, discover how to cook a meal in a cardboard box and more.
(Saturday November 2 - El Dorado County)

Discover in a Day: Help girls become change-makers! Girls will spend the evening discovering community issues that affect their areas, as they learn to become a leader and a change maker through games and thoughtful activities.  
(Friday November 15 - Sacramento & Thursday December 5 - Auburn)

Spy Day: Mission Impossible: At this fun-filled event, girls will learn both real forensic techniques and geography. With each station set in a different part of the world, girls will "travel" as they complete spy missions.
(Monday November 25 - Sacramento) 

Learn more and register to help at an upcoming event here. 

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