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President's Report

The 2019-20 year is off to a vigorous start with activity surrounding the 2019 SEAOC Convention just around the corner.  For the Convention Committee of course, planning started over a year ago and has picked up in intensity as the event draws near.  The convention is sure to be tremendous with memorable experiences to share with fellow engineers and family.   The effort of the local volunteers who plan and organize this event cannot be overstated.  They exemplify the spirit of SEAOCC and deserve our thanks and gratitude.  Please thank them when you see them at the convention.

With the new year come new members to the Board of Directors.  I’d like to thank Past President Ali Sumer for his extraordinary efforts last year and for setting a great example to follow.  I’d also like to welcome SEAOCC’s new Vice President Roy Lobo, as well as new Board Members Allison Konwinski (Central) & Devon Lumbard (Central).  I am also happy to know that Treasurer Tim Piland and Board members Rachel Leung (Central), Louay Shamrouhk (Central), Brett McElhaney (East), Jeremy Kellogg (North), and Doug Mayer (South) continue in their positions.  We all share desire to see SEAOCC flourish.  Lend us your thoughts and ideas to make SEAOCC better.

Additional volunteers who are committed to seeing SEAOCC flourish include our Committee Chairs and Members.  There are a growing number of committees and opportunities to participate in SEAOCC, including the Drone and SE3 Committees as discussed in this newsletter.  With the retirement of our longtime Executive Secretary Lori Campbell from SEAOCC in June, SEAOCC established an Ad Hoc Committee to define the duties of Executive Secretary and to fill the position.  The committee has met and discussed a roadmap and timeline to fill the position in an expeditious manner.  Until such a time as the position is filled, there is more work to go around for all involved.  The Membership and Website Committees have been hard at work developing a new Membership Renewal system that leverages the capabilities of the new website and allows for streamlined payment processes.  Look for Membership renewal notices soon.


Benjamin Faircloth, S.E.

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Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events

September Membership Meeting - Tuesday, September 10th

"Putting Up Walls.......Tilt-up CLT?" by Kris Spickler. Location to be announced.

Existing Buildings Committee Meeting - Tuesday, September 17th

October Membership Meeting - Tuesday, October 15th*

AISC 2019 T.R. Higgens Lecture by Dr. Ron Ziemian

*Please note that this is not the 2nd Tuesday of the month, but the 3rd Tuesday of the month

Continuing Education Seminar - November 21st.

2019 CBC "A" Chapter Updates, Plan Review, and Quality Control


Click here to see our calendar for the most up-to-date information!

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Committee Reports

Convention committee

There is still time to register for the 2019 Convention! Click here for registration and details. 

If you are attending the SEAOC Convention this year, the Technical Committee is looking for 1 moderator for Track 1 on Friday and 6 “runners” for the technical sessions on Thursday and Friday of the convention. The time commitment is 3 hours of sessions on Thursday or 4 hours of sessions on Friday (2 ½ hours for the moderator spot on Friday). Moderators introduce the speakers and keep the sessions on time, while the runners sit in the back and go for assistance if something goes amiss during the sessions. We have a contract with the AV group from the hotel, so the moderators and runners will not need to run the equipment. If you are interested in volunteering your time to be a moderator or runner please fill out your info in the Google Sheets spreadsheet here. For questions on volunteering to be a moderator or runner, please contact Matt Quan or John Weninger

Membership committee

We are in the processs of membership renewals for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Firm invoicing is being processed now, with individual invoicing to follow.

Drone Club

The Drone Club has been meeting on a monthly basis with hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals from private consultants and public agencies.

We discuss the various technical aspects of drone technology, and how it can apply to our industry for disaster response, infrastructure assessments, construction inspections, search and rescue, and other applications yet to be discovered. We do this while having lots of fun along the way.


Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Some past & upcoming events are:

  • May, we met with the Safety Assessment Program coordinator at Cal-OES on the topic of: establishing teams of licensed drone pilots for post-disaster assessments.
  • August 6th, we held a workshop where we learned how to setup and configure a micro-class quadcopter for flying.
  • On August 17th @ 4pm in Elk Grove, we will have a fun-fly get together where hobbyists get together and fly different models both line-of-sight and first-person-view. Everyone is welcomed to come check it out whether you have something to fly or are just curious.
  • August 30th, 5:30pm at the convention in the Squaw Creek Resort will be SEAOC’s first ever drone race! If you are attending the convention, come check it out.


If you have interest in the Drone club, Please email [email protected]

se3 committee


SEAOCC is pleased to announce the creation of its newest committee, SE3, which stands for Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity. The SE3 Project was established in 2015 with the mission of improving engagement and equity in the structural engineering profession.

Out first year will be spent recruiting committee members, creating our mission statement, and educating SEAOCC members on the importance and value of SE3.  The SEAOCC SE3 committee plans to organize two networking events this year: a panel discussion and a speed mentoring event. 

If you are interested in contributing to any of these efforts, please email Anna Tekautz at [email protected].

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Convention Stipends

SEAOCC is excited to announce that in continuing our SEAOC Convention Stipend program, SEAOCC is awarding the following 11 individuals with stipends to attend the 2019 SEAOC Convention. Each member has dedicated time to help SEAOCC prosper.

Michael Capilli
Kaylee Efstathiu
Sonia Eliseo
Max Hardy
Kendall Johnson
Rachel Leung
Lisa Podesto
Matt Quan
Laura Rice
Danielle Smith
Leticia Valenzuela
In additon, please help us congratulate Haley Sheddy for being selected by SEAOC for one of the YMF Convention Stipends!

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Welcome New Members

New Members Approved on june 10, 2019

Wesley Cullumber, Cullumber Engineering and Design, Inc - Member
Craig Horton, International Masonry Institute - Affiliate
Jessica Morelli, US Army Corps of Engineers - Member
Matthew Namy, Barrish Pelham, a Degenkolb Company - Member
Henry O'Brien, Barrish Pelham, a Degenkolb Company - Member
Jaelen Pearson, Barrish Pelham, a Degenkolb Company - Affiliate
Wasim Reza, University of South Wales - Student
Ruvim Skitsko, Barrish Pelham, a Degenkolb Company - Affiliate

Posted members on june 10, 2019

Christopher Abella, UC Davis - Student
Ahmed Al Jasar, UC Davis - Student
Ian Geocaris , UC Davis - Student
Ahmad Hassan, UC Davis - Student
Laura Hernandez-Bassal, UC Davis - Student
Ruizhi Jezzy Zhang, UC Davis - Student
Pouria Kourchpaz, UC Davis - Student
Rafael Molina-Cornejo, UC Davis - Student
Daniel Mount, UC Davis - Student
Brianna Murphy, UC Davis - Student
Yuanmin Ouyang, UC Davis - Student
Sagnik Pual, UC Davis - Student
Madison Richey, UC Davis - Student
Jesus Sanchez, UC Davis - Student
Lyuba Vosheva, UC Davis - Student
Sidney Wu, UC Davis - Student
Tiangi Zhang, UC Davis - Student
Sean Zheng, UC Davis - Student

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Job Forum

Senior Engineer

City of Sacramento

Job Posting
Jul. 29, 2019


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Industry News

create mentoring program

CREATE Mentoring Program Logo

Now a Fall Program!

Industry professionals mentor student teams in a twelve-week competition to answer a real-world problem. Students learn about career opportunities in architecture, engineering, and the construction trades, visit local architecture and engineering offices, visit active construction job sites, attend Trades Day and compete with other regional high schools in front of industry judges.

Do you enjoy your profession? Do you like to tell others about what you do? Do you like to interact with other people? You could be a great mentor!  

Mentor Commitment: High school teams usually meet 10 times in an in-class or after school setting from late-August to early-December. Sessions may include career exploration, project development and activities, special speakers and field trips.

Lead mentors are requested to attend a minimum of seven of the ten sessions.

Assistant mentors are requested to attend a minimum of three of the ten sessions.

Or... do you have a office or job site visit that you could host a high school team at for a field trip? Click here to let us know. 




AUGUST 14, 2019  | 4:30 - 6:00 pm



Click here to register for Mentor Kickoff Night and find out more about CREATE 




2000+ Students Served | 150+ Local Mentors 

125+ Local Companies | 24 Schools Served 

$160,000+ Scholarships Awarded


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