SEAOCC 5/11 Membership Meeting

May 11, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Steel Castings for Enhanced Aesthetics & Performance of Structures
Use of steel castings in the design and construction of building and bridge structures is a fast-growing trend in the United States as casting manufacturing offers unparalleled geometric freedom in structural steel. Cast steel components are often used to address design and construction challenges with respect to appearance and structural performance that would otherwise be very difficult to tackle using conventional steel fabrication. Given the freeform capabilities of casting manufacturing, castings are ideally suited for use in architecturally exposed structural steel.
Structural performance can be particularly challenging in design and detailing of steel structures for earthquake loading. Pre-engineered steel castings offer both enhanced seismic performance and simplified design and detailing of steel connections.
This presentation will explore modern uses for steel castings in architectural construction, providing examples of how castings have been successfully integrated into a wide range of projects. Included will be an introduction and technical discussion of commercially available castings that can be used in the seismic design of moment resisting frames, concentrically braced frames, and as yielding devices in concentrically braced frames or other axial load configurations.
Participants will learn how to leverage castings in their designs to enhance the structural performance, economy, and architectural quality of key structural connections. Attendees will learn how to design with and specify several cast steel connectors for use in seismically loaded steel structures.  

Learning Objective 1: Identify and recognize opportunities for steel casting use at architecturally exposed structural steel connections to improve structural performance, enhance aesthetics, and/or to improve the constructability of the structural frame or system.

Learning Objective 2: Create a specification for custom (project specific) castings which successfully communicates architectural and structural design criteria to casting suppliers such that the casting products delivered to the project can safely and efficiently carry structural loads and achieve the desired aesthetics.

Learning Objective 3: Explain how various pre-engineered castings can improve the anti-seismic performance of buildings and how to specify them to enhance the structural resilience of buildings.

Learning Objective 4: Through the study of successful past projects, be able to describe how the use of steel castings can affect the architectural quality of important gathering spaces in buildings.

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Time: Tuesday, May 11th from 5:00 - 6:30 PM


Presenter Bios:

  Brian W. Miller, Technical Sales, Cast Connex
Brian is a Technical Sales representative and has been with Cast Connex since January 2014. He provides support to engineers, architects, fabricators, and project stakeholders on the West Coast who specify and work with Cast Connex products and services. Before joining Cast Connex, Brian was with AISC for fifteen years serving as Regional Engineer and Director with the AISC Certification group. 

  Michael Gray, Ph.D., P.Eng., Executive VP., Cast Connex
Michael is a co-founder and Executive VP of Cast Connex. He possesses a Doctorate in Civil Engineering and has co-developed several patented devices for seismic performance of steel structures




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